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Skate Looks- Unique Roller Skate Apparel & Skate Gifts

Skate Looks is not just a business; it’s a celebration of rhythm roller skating. Every product is designed with love and the intent to encapsulate the energy, rhythm, and joy that comes with every spin and glide on the skate floor. The products don’t merely offer an aesthetic appeal; they give voice to the skater’s devotion to this exhilarating sport. From one-of-a-kind apparel to specially crafted skate gifts, each item is a testament to the rich culture of roller skating and the inspiration it brings to many.

Our founders embarked on their roller skating journey in California where they studied under the Original Roller Dance Man himself, Mr. Richard Humphrey. Their shared love for rhythm skating blossomed into a life-long devotion to the sport. Both carried a creative spark and a yearning to offer something unique to the rhythm skating community they cherished. Combining their passion for skating with their background in design, they gave birth to Skate Looks in 2023.

Skate Looks’ vision extends beyond creating appealing products. We are committed to fostering the rhythm skating community, encouraging more people to experience the sport’s joy and grace, and grow the skate community, locally and globally. Our mission is to encourage expression through unique designs, fostering love for rhythm roller skating, and making every skater feel proud and part of an incredible community. With Skate Looks, you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing or owning a gift; you’re embracing a lifestyle and becoming part of a growing family of rhythm skaters.

Join Skate Looks on this dynamic journey. Experience the rhythm, express your passion, and let’s grow the skating community together.

We want to hear from you. Please send questions, comments, and skate riffs to:

We are a Black owned, Skater owned business. Our designs are originals inspired by our favorite skate songs. We like to go where the music takes us, and we enjoy many genres of skate music. Each one of our products is inspired by a song that took us somewhere in our skate journey. You’ll find the song titles in our product titles.

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